Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tips on How to Study and Prepare for the Exam

*Read and understand the topics ahead of the lecture. This will help you during lecture to fully understand the topic and for your notes to be accurate.

*Check or underline the items stressed by the lecturer and make important notes during lecture.

*Review your notes at home during your study time after having ample amount of rest. Your brain needs to rest to have optimal performance.

*When Studying Find a place or set an ambiance that suit your needs. If you want to have snacks while studying, choose brain foods like peanuts.

*Do not force yourself to study if you do not feel like studying, but you need to study everyday. So see to it that you have a study time where your brain is working well.

*If you are having difficulty in understanding the topic, repeat and discuss the topic to yourself in your native dialect.

*2 weeks prior to the exam, you need to change your body clock so you would not feel sleepy during the exam. This is called mind and body conditioning. So if you need to wake up 4am in the morning for you to go to the venue of the examination, see to it that you wake up 4am everyday for the next 2 weeks.

Good Luck!!!